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  • Andreas Umbach
    Andreas Umbach

    So what do you guys think about the 'Wall busting' feature in 1007?

    I listed a few things that came to my mind. Now someone needs to pick the best stuff and convert it into a game design document, and hand it to the programmer (I guess that would be me) to implement it.

    • Andreas

    Tweakable Variables:

    Counter: can use it only n times
    Power: can use only so much power
    Regeneration: Regenerates slowly, only so much
    Timeout: can't use it for a certain time (can be handled through regeneration?)

    Visible elements:

    HUD elements: Power(bar) / Counter


    • Regeneration is affected by closeness to other walls / other players
    • "Cannibalize wall busting energy" from other players, e.g. when you're
      behind them...

    • Rewards for dangerous manoevers

    • Recharge regions in the arena
    • Handycapping

    • Tradeoff against speed/turbo? (choose your config wisely - before the round!)

    • Time-Delay until it's effective

    • Optical effects, like transparency, interlacing, etc.

    • Sound effect
    • clarky2o2o

      why not extend it to "flame tag" (virus in this case) where 1 person is the bad guy and has to kill some1 else then that person comes back and there now the bad guy instead the loser is the guy(s) that where the virus most and/or most death at the end of the time limit.

      oh and walls reset every round too make it easier

    • Max Abrahams
      Max Abrahams

      I just think the whole wall busting idea is contrary to that which makes the game so fun. One mess-up, and boom.

      I know its optional, but I just don't like it.

      • Brandon

        I don't really like any of the newer features like acceleration, booster, the HUD, and wall buster. I'm glad they're optional, though; I don't want to ruin other people's fun by not having them in the game. The only relatively new feature I cared for was the glance keys since I play strictly in cockpit view. So... how about that networking option ;)

        • Andreas Umbach
          Andreas Umbach

          Jon Atkins is working on the networking. It would be contra-productive if I started dabbling with it. He spent quite some time engineering a protocol that's hopefully suitable for playing over the internet (at least for those with low-latency connections).

          • Andreas
    • Shane Semler
      Shane Semler

      I think it's a great idea. It would be cool if you get through the wall you move to another, more difficult level.

    • yes !

    • This was suggested by some friends when we first played it: When you bust through a wall, it makes a dodgy explosion and leaves a hole in the wall for other players to go though. This would be pointless unless Wall Buster was a power up you aquired or it was harder to use. But it'd be cool.

    • Andreas has a wall crack that I modeledIn later versions, when you crash on the big wall, it will leave a crack, and other people can escape through the crack. Just FYI.


    • I like the wall busting feature as an option; not only does it provide a way out of some tricky situations, but it also can put you into a few jams as well, like when you bust through a wall into a smaller space with another cycle already running around there. With the improved AI (hey, the computer's suddenly got skillz!), it's handy for a novice player (or someone like me who hasn't played in a while) to have at first, and then turn it off when he/she gets better.

      --PJ Clark

    • i to like the wall busting option i think it is great. I know network was allready discussed but it would be cool to play all the tron guys. and when is the crack in the wall version comming out if it is out where can i get it.

    • The wall busting move is a good feature, but as a thought I suggest that using it should drain away the speed booster gauge, so effectively there is one bar that dictates how long you can use both. Also, when using the wall busting move in cockpit view, the hue should change so the player clearly knows when it is effect.

      I do not recommend adding in features such as "cannibalize wall busting energy" nor a speed/turbo tradeoff, as it just deter from the fast pace of the game.

      Of course, this is purely my opinion, and I am quite happy on how much this game has developed over time.

    • I think adding a slew of custimization features would be pretty cool. What I mean is, having each player aquire money depending on how well they did in a match and then they are able to spend it on upgrades and/or weapons. I know most people would hate this, but if it's optional, you can't loose. And you could get more money if a player crashes into your line. Think Dome Wars in the tron universe. I like overkill. Oh and also, like a little game called Tron-Ish, instead of Wall Buster, use missiles that you shoot at lines and that make a permanent hole, and you only have limited ammo that you somehow aquire. AND MAKE IT SO YOU CAN GET OUT OF THE LIGHTCYCLE AND BEAT PEOPLE UP! GRAND THEFT TRON. Sorry.

      • Brandon


        It's called Tron2.0

    • Money is out. I think it's great just having a "sit-down-and-go" interface, and that's what makes it fun. Nothing to unlock, buy, get, hell even the game is freeware.

      But tron-ish kicked ass. I bought that game after one day.


    • For some reason, I still want more power ups.

    • Really....that sounds crap.

    • I still miss the idea where the bike walls disapear over time. (or length I guess) In the changing the level while in game, players could set an extra wall thing in the level file itself, so while playing players will see a wall apear in the designated areas in timed intervals. The interval for all levels should be set in the game rules menu.

      For instance in the level that I ask for help on. (should be located in the "tron levels" post, or something like that.) A wall could apear in each of the "hallways" in between the larger corners.

      • Draken
    • Haha, "Grand Theft Tron."


      I like the wall buster idea, but I do think that there should be a way to turn it off. Also, you could also implement another HUD componet that showed you if you can break walls or notit wouldn't have to be anything complicated, just a little light that glowed when you can burst through walls. I'd be more than happy to supply Andreas if he needs it (I did the original HUD).


      • Andreas Umbach
        Andreas Umbach

        Did you have another bar element in mind? I've added a draft for another bar element, I'll send you a binary when I think it's ready for "tweaking", i.e. building the appropriate mask/hud element, and tune the color script.

        • Andreas
    • Nah, just a small little thing, probably around 20x20 pixles in sizewith a red LED-like light in the center. When it glows, you have the ability to run through walls (by pressing the specified wall buster key). When it goes out, you've run out of 'wall buster juice.' Maybe when you're using the wall buster, the light turns green, and slowly fades, and when you're recharging, the light slowly lights up.


    • I feel like my post is being ignored... nm

      • Draken
    • I would also like to know what people would think of a spherical level or a level that is simmilar to the pacman thing where you leave one part of a level to enter the opposate side.


      • Draken
    • Perhapes the "Infinate" idea would have to be set in the level file due to how the levels are programed.

      P.S. sorry for loading up this tread. I'm tring to remember the ideas that i had a while ago off the top of my head.

      • Draken
    • Yes, I'll bet you are. You're really Draken this thread into the gutter.

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