color me curious

  • Could you PLEASE describe what is needed to change the bike colors? The whole reason I showed up in here (apart to say that GLTron rox my box and is my personal favorite of all such games) was to ask about tweaking bike colors. You scratch my back I'll scratch yours: If the numeric value is in hex you can cheat with this handy link (below) that will convert sliders into a hex color value...
    So where do I go and what do I do to change the colors?

  • OOPS I forgot to mention that that link will also provide the separate R/G/B values in decimal too! It's a handy page, I've used it often

  • Please tell where/how one changes the bike & trail colors in v.70 win32?

  • Go into your GLTron artpack.lua folder. You will see values such as model diffuse, model specular and trail diffuse followed by a number. The number represents a player (0 being you, the default yellow bike, followed by the cpu controlled ones). Then you see a set of four values in brackets, the first value is the degree of red (ranging from 0.000 for no red to 1.000 for the most red) followed by green then blue (unsure what that fourth one is, I usually leave it alone.). Say u want to change your bike to straight blue, your values for model diffuse,specular and so on would be {0.000 0.000 1.000 0.000}. Hope this helps...