Status of the project

  • Hi,
    I have looked into GLT and I wanted to know what is the status of the project since it seems the last update dates back to 2002.

    I also have identified a few elements that I think detract from the nice work you have done:
    - interdependance between glutmaster and GLT
    - lack of library documentation (doxygen classes and code comments are not always sufficient to my mind)
    - sample code that cover a fraction of the library
    (only node, fonts, math) and use part of glt core library (light,light model, material, color and error classes)
    Do you plan to address any of the elements mentionned above ?

    Thank you.
    Ghostly yours,

    • Nigel Stewart
      Nigel Stewart

      The status of GLT is that it is on the backburner from my point of view. I have a significant codebase that depends on it, I fix bugs and add minor features from time to time. The main issue that I have a demanding full-time job that involves some overlap with GLT functionality - so it is not so relaxing to work on the same stuff after work, and there are also possible legal issues arising from recycling ideas between the code bases.

      The issues you raise are all legitimate and relevant. I am considering stripping some of the more patchy functionality out of GLT and becoming Qt4 centric rather than GLUT. That would probably better suit my own needs, but I havn't considered too much the implications for other GLT users.

      With a baby due to arrive in August, I don't realistically expect much to happen with GLT in the next year, to be honest...

      Since the beginning of GLT a lot of alternatives have probably matured further than GLT, so I would encourage you to shop around for the best fit to your needs.


      Nigel Stewart