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Development and other updates

Hello everyone!
I would like to inform you about the latest updates on the project, which are quite a lot:

(1) New Website: First of all, I'd like to welcome you our new community website! There you can see all the latest updates about the development, view the on-line meeting schedule, and see how you can contribute to the development. The forums are also moved there, and the SF forum board is now disabled and will be closed soon. You can also login to the new forums with your sourceforge account. The new website is here: read more

Posted by H.John 2009-10-02

Back to school

After a quite long pause of the development, I am back on the development with some new updates. First of all, from now on, the new tracker is the Trac located on and is currently the preferred support mechanism. There, you can also view the Roadmap, the Milestones and the development progress.

Also, I have started some major updates and cleanups to the engine, and because of that, I'll need some help. That's why I am scheduling a couple of on-line meetings and seminars to encourage new users to get involved with the project. This is the best chance to get familiar with the engine, since the whole structure and operation will be discussed online. Those meetings will take place on IRC (Channel #glorylands on FreeNode) and the dates will be announced on Saturday 26/09/2009.... read more

Posted by H.John 2009-09-20

Version 0.5 Beta Released

We welcome the latest game beta release! The new real-time, browser-based, massive multiplayer RPG engine comes back with a lots of new updates!

First of all, a lightweight Javascript animation system is introduced. Now the characters can walk, run and emote! Additionally, this system enables high quality animation to scenery objects, since 32bit PNGs can be used for sprites.
Also, NPCs have now a path-following system, that enables them to walk pre-defined routes.... read more

Posted by H.John 2009-05-08

Version 0.4 Beta Released

And here comes the 0.4b release!

There are no much additions since the previous release, but from this release and further, a very useful installer/patcher is included, to simplify the installation process.

Here is a summary of the changelog:
* Installation made easy! A new installer is ready for quick and simple installation!
* Unicode support! The game is converted to support UTF-8 Unicode characters. This means that every language is now usable for chat, character names, item names etc..
* Translation support! And yes, the first beta of the translation system is now available. The translation is separated on two parts: The interface (data/lang/xx.dat) and the content (tables xxxx_international).
* Content editing tools are under development! The map editor is ready, and a new item editor is now in development.
* Audio support! The background sound system and it's glAPI is now ready for use!
* Visual improvements! The bags now contain slots, and the drag-and-drop system is re-designed and fully able to support any kind of action. Also, there is a new kind of detailed tool-tips available.
* Fighting system! The visuals and the appropriate Javascript glAPI is ready to support figts. Engine development is in progress...
* Updatable revision state! Since the revision 115 (Release 0.4b), the installer supports database patching, to provide painless upgrade to up-to-date revision.... read more

Posted by H.John 2009-02-25

Version 0.3 Beta Released

Happy new year everyone! And here comes the latest release!

Here is a brief changelog:

* Updated: Map rendering system now uses a more efficient and light-weight algorithm
* Updated: Dropdown menu replaced with animated pie menu
* Fixed: IE Compatibility
* Fixed: Action range calculation algorithm
* Fixed: Major code cleanups on GLAPI
* Added: Animation on map grid
* Added: On-line Javascript Map editor (/sandbox/mapedit)
* Added: Alpha stage of the on-line content editor (/admin/editor)
* Added: Introduction tip system
* Added: Vendor system
* Added: Detailed debug console that receives all the game errors and hides them from the user... read more

Posted by H.John 2009-01-01

New forums

The SourceForge Forum system is disabled.
To see the news, post comments or request help, please use the new, phpBB forum on HostedApps :

Posted by H.John 2008-11-25