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Introducing new look of

Brand new version of has just been uploaded to the site. Its a start of what will hopefully be an overhaul of the site and its
contents to get it up-to-date with everything that has happened in recent months. Any feedback is welcomed whether its browser compatibility issues, spelling mistakes, suggestions on further improvements to the site or whatever else may come to mind.

Posted by Boris Popov 2003-10-07

Progress occuring... but in Store repository

There's actually been a lot of work going on GLORP lately, but mostly in the public Store repository. We haven't done a full port lately, so I haven't uploaded anything, but we're up to version 0.2.43 right now, and have a number of nice new features. I'll get something up here as soon as I can.

Posted by Alan Knight 2003-08-19

0.2 released

After a bunch of time working on infrastructure issues, we've finally got a version that exports transparently from VW to VA and Dolphin. This is now published as 0.2.0. This also includes a number of small to medium changes. Look for some larger changes shortly.

Posted by Alan Knight 2002-01-02

0.1.12 Released

Version 0.1.12 is now available as VW 5i parcels for download.

The reference code base is currently in the public Store repository. Don't try to use the CVS code, it's way out of date.

Posted by Alan Knight 2001-08-20

0.1.3 released

This has both Postgresql and Oracle connectivity (thanks to David and Bruce) as well as some miscellaneous pre-CS@OOPSLA cleanup and reads on m-m relationships.

Note: In the interests of having version control (that wasn't CVS) I've switched over to using VW 5i.2 with Store as my main environment. No refactoring browser yet, but I really needed version control. The parcels are 5i.2 parcels, created out of Store, and there's a bundle structure that makes it a little easier to manage. I can create other formats as well for anybody who needs them, I just need to get my infrastructure set up.... read more

Posted by Alan Knight 2000-10-14

0.1.2 released

I've released a 0.1.2 set of parcel files. I haven't versioned the CVS fileouts, because I haven't figured out how yet. If you're planning on checking code into CVS, please version first.

Posted by Alan Knight 2000-04-22

We have CVS

Version 0.1.1 is now uploaded in VW3 fileout format into CVS using CVSTProject. It's in fileout because I can't get SIF reading to work yet (chokes on a class with a nil superclass). It's also available as zipped VW3 parcels. Hopefully this will now allow us to actually have multiple people working on it and merge changes at least semi-plausibly.

Posted by Alan Knight 2000-03-31


There's some actual documentation available. However, since I can't seem to figure out where's appropriate to put it on sourceforge and how to put it there, it's at

Posted by Alan Knight 2000-03-25