Trouble building

  • John Vodden
    John Vodden


    I'm having trouble building glide from the CVS. These are the steps I've taken so far:

    I've downloaded the source from the cvs using the "glide-devel-branch" (I was told this is known to work with the Voodoo3). The following is the line I used to get it.

    cvs -z3 -d:pserver:... co -r glide-devel-branch Glide3

    That appeared to go ok, so I went to try and build it

    ./chores.3dfx --clean --generate --configure=--enable-fx-glide-hw=h3 --build

    but I get an error during the build step:

    libtool: line 1: s%^.*/%%: No such file or directory
    libtool: line 1: -e: command not found

    The second error is repeated a number of times.

    The first non-comment line in libtool appears to be Xsed="sed -e s/^X//" but I am not convinced that this is the offending line (as far as I can tell that regex would ommit any line from stdin that has 'X' after the start-of-line).

    It seems as though somewhere "sed" is being called incorrectly. As it is occuring in a generated script I'm not sure what to do about it.

    Any ideas?

    • John Vodden
      John Vodden

      Responding to myself is perhaps not a good thing but I have managed to resolve the issue expressed above. I had to put the line:
      "SED=sed" at the top of the libtool file. I'm not sure why it needs it with that at the moment but it appears to fix that problem at least.

      I am now thinking that I have downloaded the wrong version from CVS.  Everything builds succesfully for h5 (I  accidentally built it w/o setting "--enable-fx-glide-hw=h3") but building for h3 tells me:

      .../Glide3/h3/glide3/src/gerror.c:244: unbalanced `#endif'

      I can confirm that this is the case from looking in the file. It seems to me that I must have the wrong branch - I intended to get a branch that was known to work with Voodoo3, but if it cannot compile for voodoo3 that this cannot be the case!

      I commented out the offending line which was right beside another #endif. It could be the result of a merge at some point or it could be a missing #if.  Anyway, it did compile successfully this time.

      Now I am back where I started... running test00 I get
      gd error (glide): gd error: (glide): grSstSelect: non-existent  SST

      This appears to occur during  grGlideInit(). It looks like a common problem from reading around but I haven't yet found a solution.

    • Hiroshi Morii
      Hiroshi Morii

      'h3' has been dropped because 'h5' has been unified to support Banshee,Voodoo3/4/5. Compile target hw set to 'h5'. The library will automatically figure out which 3dfx hardware you have at runtime.