I've compiled GLEW from scratch using "make extensions" because the release version didn't work for GL_EXT_transform_feedback. In the generated code I had to make a few adjustments in order to get it to compile:

    comment out redefinition line 5952:
    typedef void (GLAPIENTRY * PFNGLGETBOOLEANINDEXEDVEXTPROC) (GLenum param, GLuint index, GLboolean* values);

    comment out redefinition line 5953:
    typedef void (GLAPIENTRY * PFNGLGETINTEGERINDEXEDVEXTPROC) (GLenum param, GLuint index, GLint* values);

    7270 rename int64EXT -> GLint64EXT
    7272 rename uint64EXT -> GLuint64EXT
    7274 rename uint64EXT -> GLuint64EXT
    7275 rename uint64EXT -> GLuint64EXT

    7277 changed undifined Display * to void *:
    typedef int (GLAPIENTRY * PFNGLXBINDVIDEODEVICENVPROC) (Display* dpy, unsigned int video_slot, unsigned int video_device, const int *attrib_list);

    7278 changed undifined Display * to void * :  
    typedef unsigned int* (GLAPIENTRY * PFNGLXENUMERATEVIDEODEVICESNVPROC) (Display *dpy, int screen, int *nelements);

    comment out redefinition line 1064:

   comment out redefinition line 1065:

Nothing really serious I guess. The problem is now when I use the code and call glewInit() I get an exception on glGetString(GL_VERSION) in the glewContextInit() function. GL_VERSION turns out to be 0.0000.

How can this be? Any idea what might be going wrong? I'm compiling for OSX 10.5.2.