Hi Patrick/All,

I have assumed that EGL is always used with OpenGL ES.So you are getting that error from 'eglew.h' file.
Window-system-dependent types are defined in 'eglplatform.h' for EGL and that code I have included in 'eglew.h'.
I checked and found that Xcode does not use EGL but instead 'EAGL.h'.Need to modify the code to take care of cases where EGL is not used with OpenGL ES.
Do you have idea of any other OS doing so ?

 I should have also explicitly mentioned in the earlier mail what are still missing in the patches for ES (GLEW_ES_ONLY). I will keep in mind to do so next time onward.
-  Need to add code to glew.c to get the function pointers of OpenGL ES and EGL functions.i.e. to implement 'esGetProcAddress' for all cases.
- Proper Makefile need to be added to compile for ES cases (GLEW_ES_ONLY need to be defined).
- glewinfo and visualinfo needs to be implemented.


OK. Built GLEW from Shariq's project on OSX. Now trying to compile for
iPhone using Xcode. Using GLEW_NO_GLU, but I am left with a number of
errors. Have tried with and without GLEW_ES_ONLY.

With GLEW_ES_ONLY I get a 'platform not recognized' follow by a bunch
of errors. Without, glew.c compiles, but if I include glew.h I get a
different set of warnings and errors. I'm also wondering if GLEW is
deducing the iPhone platform correctly or if it thinks it.s building
for OSX.

Before I send a bunch of specifics, can anyone advise me on the
correct settings to build for iPhone? Shariq, are you targeting iPhone
or other ES platforms?