Ah ok, no worries. Just thought I'd follow up. Glad to see it's still on your list.

On Mon, Jul 15, 2013 at 8:36 PM, Nigel Stewart <nstewart@nvidia.com> wrote:
Hi Matt,

The idea of the snapshot is to unpack it into the git tree.
(Just trying to keep things simple)

Indeed the VC projects are _still_ on my list (I have not forgotten!)
but I got sidetracked with other things today...

- Nigel

On 7/15/13 10:20 PM, Matt Feemster wrote:
 > Hi Nigel, it's been a while. I looked at the
 > zip but didn't see any project files in it.
 > I was curious if you were going to incorporate the updated MSVC 2010 project files that
 > I added around a year ago? I think they added some much needed improvement in terms of
 > specifying debug/release 32/64 static/shared output.
 > Thanks,
 > Matt
 > On Mon, Jul 15, 2013 at 10:56 AM, Nigel Stewart <nstewart@nvidia.com <mailto:nstewart@nvidia.com>> wrote:
 >     Hello all,
 >     I'm preparing a new release of GLEW (OpenGL Extension Wrangler Library)
 >     which will probably be finalized in a week or two.
 >     If any folks have an opportunity to drop a pre-release snapshot
 >     into their existing codebases, any feedback or issues would be
 >     appreciated.
 >     - Nigel
 >     http://glew.sourceforge.net/
 >     http://sourceforge.net/projects/glew/files/glew/snapshots/glew-20130715.tgz/download

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