Dear all,
i am trying to use OpenCSG in my project and it is a library project using GLew.
When running OpenCSG alone, it works well and can render the part correctly without any errors.
But when i use it in my project, the program would go to
if (!WGLEW_ARB_pbuffer)
   return false;
the WGLEW_ARB_pbuffer would be 0 and retrun false to the intiate function.
after it, the program crashed...
what does that mean and where the problem is? is it hardware problem?
i have check the installation tutorial of glew and it is said that "replace <GL/gl.h> and <GL/glu.h> with <glew.h> in your code"
if ididn't replace that, would it cause this problem? seems not...
can anyone give me some suggestions and helps, thanks so much
best regards

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