Hi All, Nigel,

In continuation of the discussion I had regarding adding ES and EGL support to GLEW,I have done the following things :

1 - Added core  files of ES and EGL.
    The OpenGL ES version 1.0 and EGL version 1.1 are added in the auto/src folder in the files glew_head_es.h and eglew_head.h respectively.
    The egl header file 'egl.h' for version 1.0 is not present in khronos website(Actually it is there but it contains the egl.h for version 1.3), so this version has not been added.
    The higher versions of ES and EGL are added in core_es and core_egl folders respectively.

2- The ES and EGL extensions specs are downloaded and parsed to create the desciptors.

    To create the descriptors files from the extensions files two new scipts are added:
    update_ext_egl.sh and update_ext_es.sh.

  Also the update_registry.sh has been modified to use "--include" option instead of the earlier "--no-parent" options.
  The earlier option was downloading all the extensions recursively from www.khronos.org. even when specified the path "http://www.khronos.org/registry/gles/".

The  source code can be cloned using  "git clone git://git.linaro.org/people/shariqhasnain/glew-es_core.git"
Kindly go through it and provide your feedback.

My next plan is to generate the header files having ES and EGL support.
glew.h will have ES related stuff and eglew.h will be generated similar to glxew.h/wglew.h.


On 18 February 2011 22:01, Nigel Stewart <nstewart@nvidia.com> wrote:
However for sometime there has been no update. So I would like to extend the implementation further.
Kindly provide your feedback.

Sounds good.

One suggestion I have is adding GLES_VERSION_1_0, GLES_VERSION_1_1,

The headers are available over at khronos.org:



After that it's a matter of parsing extension specs, and so on.

- Nigel

On 5 February 2011 13:33, Nigel Stewart <nstewart@nvidia.com <mailto:nstewart@nvidia.com>> wrote:

   Hi Shariq,

   There was some previous discussion about ES and EGL:



   In a nutshell I think we agree that GLEW ought to
   support ES and EGL.  But nobody has stepped up to
   do the work yet.  I havn't done a diff with the
   openreng fork for a while, to be clear about that.
   But it could be a useful starting point.

   - Nigel

   On 2/2/11 3:46 AM, Shariq Hasnain wrote:

       Dear All,

       I was thinking for extending the glew lib to support OpenGL ES and EGL similarly to that of OpenGL and WGL/GLX.
       Since OpenGL ES is popularly used in embedded domain it will be a good idea to do so.
       -It will provide run time determination of OpenGL ES/EGL extension supported in the target platform.
       -This will also make the porting of OpenGL applications using glew to OpenGL ES easier as the GLEW related code need not be modified individually for each applications.

       The idea is to have:
         - Run time check for OpenGL ES core/extension functions similar as existing OpenGL core/extension support in GLEW library.
         - Run time check for EGL core/extension functions similar as existing GLX/WGL support in GLEW library.
         - Since EGL is used for Graphics resource management in embedded, GLX and WGL support will not be provided.

       Kindly provide your feedback.


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