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On 5/1/07, Ken84 <> wrote:


I want to create an OpenGL application with glew and MinGW.
In order to use MinGW I have to build the glew distribution with Cygwin, but
when I type:


in the glew directory, the shell gives me a lot of compiling errors.
How can I solve the problem in order to obtain libglew32.a?


Matteo Corea wrote:
> Hi!
> I'm a new user, and I'm trying to make a project using mingw32 (so Windows
> platform)
> This is what I did:
>  - first attempt: downloaded win binary version
>  - second attempt: I downloaded Cygwin and compiled glew. I obtained
> libglew32.a and glew32.dll
> When I try to compile the test code I obtain the wanted result:
>    Status: Using GLEW 1.3.4
> This is my problem:
> when I try to use "glGenFramebuffersEXT" I get from the linker
> undefined reference to `_imp____glewGenFramebuffersEXT'
> what's going on? please, can anyone help me?
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