Dear all,
 I want to have an X-Ray blending mode effect, i was using these lines of code to take this effect with opengl and delphi(using the DGL library), i tried to use the same lines with the GLEW library but i encountered a linkage error, this is the lines:

 glBlendColorEXT(1.0, 1.0, 1.0, 1.0/30);// this is the function that gives the error, when i get rid of this line i have no result.

i want to if there is an alternatives to these lines in the GLEW library , if not how can i achieve the required blending effect using the GLEW.

PS. my Programming envrionment Windows Xpx64 , visual studio 2008 , VC++ 9, OpenGl, GLEW (x64 environment)
        my VGA card is Quadro FX 4600.

Best Regards,