Hi all,

Is it normal/expected that GLEW will report different hardware capabilities depending on whether the current context is on-screen or off-screen.  For instance, when I have an on-screen context current, GLEW reports that my hardware (ATI radeon mobility 9600 pro) supports all of these extensions;







When I have an offscreen context current, GLEW says that none of these extensions are not supported.  Stepping inside of glewContextInit(), I see that the call to glGetString(GL_VERSION) returns different value in each of these two cases.  For onscreen, I get “2.0.5279 WinXP Release” but for the offscreen case, I get just “1.1.0”.  So, I guess that this is more of an OpenGL question then it is a GLEW question but, if anybody can shed any light on this for me, I’d appreciate it.  Is it normal for openGL extension support to vary for onscreen vs. offscreen contexts?


Thank you very much.