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auto 2010-03-04 nigels nigels [23b90a] Another web/documentation typo for 1.5.3
build 2009-12-31 nigels nigels [45a3e3] Set DLL base address to 0x62AA0000, rather than...
config 2010-03-01 nigels nigels [ea93a4] Updated version to 1.5.3, documentation
doc 2010-03-04 nigels nigels [3285bc] More documentation that wasn't updated for GLEW...
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Makefile 2010-03-01 nigels nigels [0eb615] Last minute touch-ups for 1.5.3 release
README.txt 2005-01-05 ikits ikits [28d1bc] documentation update
TODO.txt 2007-03-21 ikits ikits [386f64] updated todo list
glew.pc.in 2010-01-07 nigels nigels [0d04f7] Add pkg-config support, based on patch by Eric ...

Read Me

See doc/index.html for more information.

If you downloaded the tarball from the GLEW website, you just need to:




        use the project file in build/vc6/

If you wish to build GLEW from scratch (update the extension data from
the net or add your own extension information), you need a Unix
environment (including wget, perl, and GNU make).  The extension data
is regenerated from the top level source directory with:

        make extensions