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 <h2>Change Log</h2>
+<hr align="center">
+<ul class="none">
+<li><b>1.5.8</b> [01-31-11]
+<li> New extensions:
+<li> GL_AMD_depth_clamp_separate
+<li> GL_EXT_texture_sRGB_decode
+<li> Bug fixes:
+<li> Borland C++ fix for __int64
+<li> GL_DOUBLE_MATNxM enumerants for OpenGL 4.0
+<li> Correction to glGetTransformFeedbackVarying
+<li> Correction to glSecondaryColorPointer
+<li> Corrections to glGetVertexAttribPointerv and glGetShaderSource
+<li> Switched code repository from svn to git
 <hr align="center">
 <ul class="none">