GLC_Player : 2.0.0 released!

List of the new fonctionnalities :

* Model structure display.
* Model properties display with materials thumbnails view.
* Material modification with the possibility to save these modifications in an Album.
* Objectsl visibility attribute saved in Album.
* Shaders can be applied to objects or for all models, Object's shader saved in Album.
* Use shader for the selections.
* Multi selection.
* Possibility to merge albums.
* Export Album in html.
* Export Album and models to folder.
* Multi Snapshots with rotary motion.

List of enhancements :

* Reading of colored OFF files (COFF).
* Reduction of memory usage. Possibility to load twice more models.
* Performance enhancement (VBO usage or Vertex Array if VBO are not supported)
* Transparence apply by material, not by obect => The same object can contains transparent faces.
* Capture size and background can be set.
* Faster selection up to 10x.

Posted by laumaya 2009-03-04