Pay dividends


Once you created an asset and you want to pay dividends to your share holders, just switch to the asset manager account (in portfolio click on the asset Ticker) and then visit the asset view page and you see an administrative console with options Raise Motion & Pay dividends.

To pay dividends, follow the link and enter the total amount of btc you want to distribute to share holders.

Only shares that left the asset manager's account are entitled for dividends and vote in motions. To find out how many shares will receive dividends, see how many shares you issued and how many of those were sold or transferred out from the asset manager's account.
If you have unsold shares or shares you bought back from the secondary market, those shares will not receive dividends nor have a right to vote in motions.

Unless you need to pay a precise amount per share you can let GLBSE take care of it and just enter the total amount you want to distribute.

This guide is for GLBSE 2.0 with only 1 option to pay available. If this will change in future, I'll try to catch up on that development.

  • mila

    another wording of the paragraph 'which shares are entitled to dividends' - hint of separation of texts for users and managers

    which shares get dividends and which do not?
    if you're a shareholder this does not really interest you. this info is for asset creators to explain the nuances which shares get dividends and which do not.
    basic idea behind dividends is that only shares outside the asset manager account (either sold or transferred) represent a title to dividends and right to vote in motions.
    bitcoin stock exchange distinguishes between shares held in asset manager's account and the rest that can be publicly traded.
    if you're asset creator and state in the bylaws or initial contract with the shareholders that you keep a share in the company you should transfer those shares out of the asset manager account to your personal account. if you let 'your' shares in asset manager account, they will not receive dividends nor could you vote with them.