#2 Add ability to email details to someone with intro

Beta 2.0x patch
joseph shoop
Dave Pickering

Put an Email button on the client.

When pressed, it gives both the option of either
entering a recipient's email address and mailing it
from our server with a short introduction note (like
mailing an article from an online newspaper). Or it
allows you to point to your SMTP server, and mail it
from within your company. The setup should be stored
in the DB, so you don't need to enter it multiple

It would be a bonus to allow the 10 most recent
recipients to be stored in the DB also, so you don't
need to keep typing them in. In that case, there
should be a checkbox next to the name you enter (that
is checked by default) which indicated taht they will
be stored in the 'last 10 mailed list'. So if people
know this is a one-time address, or want to hide the
person they are mailing from co-workers sharing the
same app server, they can.