Gladius DB v0.4

This new release of Gladius DB, still in beta stage, fixes some bugs and possibly introduces others at the price of more features and optimizations.

Note to v0.2 users: the TEXT field implementation has changed and Gladius DB is not yet backward compatible, you will have to discard any database prior to v0.4 and use the new format.

I have begun profiling the code and I am individuating slow functions in order to optimize them. It is possible that radical changes will come with the next release as I plan to gain back the speed Gladius had in the beginning; this slowdown is due to more complex field implementations that allow differences between stored type and actual type, but the feature was needed to add scalability.

Note that the LIKE operator on TEXT fields is not working at the moment.

A stabilization patch will soon follow to fix all bugs.

Many thanks to Drake CMS testers for their help.

Posted by Daniel 2006-11-23