#104 Justify Text

Rob Hills

Current text alignment options are left, right and centred. It would be nice to also have a "justified" option (where both left and right edges of the paragraph are aligned).


  • Rob Hills
    Rob Hills

    • priority: 5 --> 3
  • Before any work does get done on this, I would be very grateful if my patch for vertical alignment could be merged first. After some initial feedback, I posted an amended version that I don't believe was ever acted upon. I'm hoping it will still merge relatively cleanly now but adding "justified" option will most likely break it.


  • > It would be nice to also have a "justified" option

    So that people could commit more crimes against readability? :)

    There is a reason for not using justified alignment in narrow columns.

    Are you sure you really, really want it?

    • Please see Tex/Latex and see the world of difference it makes in the lives of a graphic designer. The memoir class has a '\flushleftright' for this purpose. I am sure you will agree.

  • Rob Hills
    Rob Hills

    I agree that at times, full justification is not pretty, however there are other times when it is an improvement over left (or right) justification. Newspapers and magazines around the world all use it!

    It should be up to the user to select the most readable format (in their eyes) rather than developers (or other users) making assumptions about what is or isn't appropriate.