#40 system hang in 100M mode

Jeff Garzik
8139too (65)

I have 2 computers(C1 & C2), C1 has a rtl8139(N0)
C2 has a rtl8029(N1) and a rtl8139(N2).

I try to transfer a file about 30M with ftp/http.

first, I installed kernel 2.2.17 in both computer,
everything is ok.
And then I upgraded C2 to kernel 2.4.5,

N0 --> N2 pass (100M mode)
N2 --> N0 system hang (10M / 100M mode)
N1 --> N0 pass

I patched the kernel with "single-copy 8139too

N2 --> N0 pass (10M mode)
N2 --> N0 system hang (100M mode)

it seems that there's a bug in sending buffer of 8139


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    Same here with kernel 2.4.3: When transferring big amounts
    of data machine hangs.

    We'll switch back to 2.2.19 because of this, can't wait for
    a bugfix :-(

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    i tryed the driver in kernel 2.4.1, version 0.9.13,all
    testing passed.

  • Jeff Garzik
    Jeff Garzik

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    I'm the same guy who did the post on 2001-06-25 03:14
    whining about the 8139too driver.

    I have to apologize to you guys: Our Problem is was not
    caused by problems with our network-card but problems with
    the disk-subsystem.

    So please ignore my complaint.

    Thank you,


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    I'm the first one.
    I tried 2.4.5 with 8029 / inter pro100 network cards, all
    of them can work. And I copy 8139too.c from 2.4.1 to
    2.4.5 , the 8139 can work .
    My file system is reiserfs .
    Why can you say the problem caused by disk subsystem?

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    to the guy posting at 2001-06-28 08:23

    We downgraded the system in question to 2.2.19 (with
    reiserfs patches), the problem is still there. 2.2.19 uses
    the 8139 driver by Donald Becker.

    Problem went away wen we switched on DMA mode for all of
    the four hardisks -> looks like something Disk/IDE related.


  • Jeff Garzik
    Jeff Garzik

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    This problem is fixed in the latest version of the driver. You
    can download the driver from the download section on this
    SourceForge web page.

  • Jeff Garzik
    Jeff Garzik

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