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Git Extensions: 2.46 released

Git Extensions 2.46 is packed with Git 1.8.3. The latest version can be downloaded from

Version 2.46
  • Fixed issue 1387: Shell extensions not work under Windows XP
Version 2.45
  • Setup files moved to sourceforge
  • Putty updated to version 0.62.9768.0 (80% faster for me when cloning repository from GitHub)
  • FormCheckoutBranch behavior fixed again when called from commit dialog
  • Fixed navigation in the blame committer list when double clicking
  • Fixed FormFileHistory selection current revision
  • Fixed issue 1585: IsBinaryAccordingToGitAttribute() rewrited using "git check-attr"
  • Fixed issue 1590: "Show current branch only" fixed
  • Fixed issue 1622: "Show Changes" from Blame window crash fixed
  • Fixed issue 1631: Font size reading from settings fixed
  • Fixed issue 1687: GetSuperprojectCurrentCheckout() now called asynchronously
  • Fixed issue 1727: CreatePullRequestForm crash fixed
  • Updated msysgit to build of version 1.8.3
  • Updated French translation
  • Updated German translation
Posted by Dragon 2013-06-28

Git Extensions: 1.62 released

Git Extensions is a toolkit to make working with Git under Windows more intuitive. The shell extension will intergrate in Windows Explorer and presents a nice context menu on files. Source code can be found here:

Git Extensions 1.62 is packed with Git The latest version can be downloaded from sourceforge or from

Posted by Henk Westhuis 2009-04-09

Git Extensions 1.57 released

Git Extensions 1.57 includes many improvements and bug fixes.


Spelling checker added
Added search dialog to most file viewers
Format path improved
Settings dialog improvements
Added support for multiline commit messages
Added recover lost objects function
Staging/unstaging is much faster
Whitespaces are ignored in blame view
Added waitcursors
Added ChangeLog
No more taskbar terror!
Better Visual Studio intergration.
Revision log filter added
Added diff highlighting (+/-) highlighting
Improved performance of commit dialog
32bit and 64bit setup
Added commit revert
Added PuTTY support.

Posted by Henk Westhuis 2009-03-22

Git Extensions 1.50 released

Git Extensions is a feature rich Windows client for Git, including shell extensions and Visual Studio intergration. Highlights for this versions are:
- Much better Visual Studio intergration
- Lots of usability changes
- Performance and memory usage improved
- Lots of bugfixes

Posted by Henk Westhuis 2009-02-21

Git Extensions 1.26 released

Git Extensions is now a pretty complete tool that supports all common Git functions. PuTTY is now also intergrated to provide much better SSH support. PuTTY is the default SSH client for Git Extensions and is destributed in the installer.

Posted by Henk Westhuis 2009-01-20

GitExtensions 1.00 released

GitExtensions version 1.00 released

GitExtensions is now ready to be used on an everyday basis.

- Bugs in delay loading fixed
- Added amend to commit dialog
- Bare repositories are supported
- Added init dialog
- Added init central/bare repository
- Added support for bare repository
- Performance increased
- Several minor bugfixes
- Fixed bug in mergetool.keepBackup setting, this should work now... read more

Posted by Henk Westhuis 2008-12-28

Initial release

Git extensions offers:
- Shell extension for Git
- Visual Studio (2008) plugin for Git
- GUI for Git

The following functions are available for all three forms of Git GUI:
- Add files
- Branch
- Checkout
- Commit
- Push
- Pull
- Single file history
- Full development history
- Basic difference reports
- Cloning
- Browsing repository

There is currently no installer, just unzip the zip file and you will be able to run the UI. ... read more

Posted by Henk Westhuis 2008-11-28