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CSBot v0.44b Released!

This long awaited release solves various issues with newer game server versions, in addition to a an installer, support for Day of Defeat mod and Natural Selection v3.0, and several other little improvements.
Version 0.44 beta (April 7th, 2004)
* Added logaddress_add support for HLDS x.1.1.1
* CSBot update checks are now performed in the background, so the program itself isn't delayed
* Removed some unneeded grayed out things from the options dialogs
* Now using a NSIS-based installer
* Fixed a problem that caused closing DCC sessions to disconnect from the IRC server
* Added Day of Defeat support.
* Added support for x.1.2.x servers
* Fixed the recycle messages screen (mainly for NS) in the options
* Added support for NS v3.0
* A few graphics fixes in the game publishing options dialog
* Registry settings were moved to UnitedAdmins key
* Added option to require a prefix for commands in the bot's channel (for example: !help)
* Fixed bug that caused the IRC info to stay in the status bar even after disconnection

Posted by Nir Tarcic 2004-04-07

CSBot v0.42b Released

The new version of CSBot features support for the recently released version 2.0 of Natural-Selection as well as for LogMod. At long last users will also be able to run CSBot along with statistics programs like HLStats. Version 1.0 will be available soon, the majority of the changes are ready but the final touches are still being applied.


* Fixed a problem with OutputWnd views in Win9x

* Added LogMod autodetection and support... read more

Posted by Nir Tarcic 2003-08-01

CSBot v0.40b Released

Version 0.40 beta (June 28th, 2003)
* Fixed a problem with the restart round message
* Fixed a problem that caused players who disconnected to stay in the player list
* Fixed a problem related to channel modes
* Added IRC output queue that queues up to 500 messages, and a delay "clock" that shows its state. Will now perform much better in heavy anti-flood situations.
* Added forced-delay system
* Added automatic reconnection to IRC server
* Fixed a problem in the name change message
* Muting the bot will now prevent topic changes as well
* Added "Apply" button to the options dialog

Posted by Nir Tarcic 2003-06-28

CSBot V0.39b Released


Fixed another bug related to 'rcon status'

Added support for <kills> and <deaths> in IRC messages

Fixed a bug that caused bogus players to appear in the player list after a while

Added mine-pack spawn IRC message for NS

Added support for passworded channels (+k)

Fixed a bug that caused hidden views to re-appear on the next time you run CSBot

Added restart-round IRC message for CS... read more

Posted by Nir Tarcic 2003-06-21

CSBot 0.38b released!

Version 0.38 beta (June 15th, 2003)
Fixed incorrect title on the IRC connection commands dialog
Added checkbox to enable / disable the ident server for each IRC server profile
Default IRC interface permissions are HELP and LOGIN (used to be none)
Several fixes for compiling in VS.NET with MFC 7
Added automatic reconnection to game server
Console views now use Guy H's OutputWnd control. This is a lot friendlier to the user than a big editbox
Removed dead say, and dead say_team from NS parser
Fixed a bug in banning players from the player list
Added confirmation messages when deleting server profiles
Color codes will not be sent to +c channels anymore
Added -guess and -guessharder command line options
Changed default CS colors for IRC to look better on white background
Fixed several inter-thread problems
Fixed wrong help for LOGIN command in IRC interface
Added the quick setup guide to the package

Posted by Nir Tarcic 2003-06-15

CSBot V0.37b released!

We have released CSBot V0.37b!.

This version includes a new graphic design made by Hny. In other news, We have joined UnitedAdmins(www.unitedadmins.com) and CSBot is an official UA Project!

Here is the changelog:

Version 0.37 beta (June 5th, 2003)

o Bot will not send messages to the channel when not in the channel

o Fixed a WonID Database crash if directory does not exist

o Fixed crash caused by the 'teams' command ... read more

Posted by Nir Tarcic 2003-06-06

CSBot 0.36 Source code released

Finally, after many delays, I have finally released the source code for CSBot.
It is available through SourceForge's CVS: http://sourceforge.net/projects/girl
The project's unix name is "girl".

Have fun with it.

I am still looking for C++ programers to help in future development of CSBot, so if you think you can help, please contact me by mail: yonatanz at actcom.co.il

Posted by Yonatanz 2003-05-24

CSBot source code almost ready for release

I am almost finished with the all the changes I had to do to the code, including copyrights on parts of code that were taken from elsewhere, and several other changes.
I intend to release the source code for version 0.37b without all the comments and stuff. you will have to bear with me for a while if the code is a bit of a mess.

Stay tuned, it is coming :)

Posted by Yonatanz 2003-05-16

CSBot used on international NS games

Yesterday, May 10th, a natural-selection friendly match took place, between TeamUS and Team Korea.
As NS still lacks the support for HLTV, CSbot was used as the main method of broadcasting the game.
Some 65 IRC users were watching the broadcast on the TeamUS channel on GamesNet (#teamus), plus 50 more who listened to a GBL radio broadcast.

The match was one of the best NS matches yet, some say, and indeed the demos show nice strategies and gameplay by the players.... read more

Posted by Yonatanz 2003-05-11

CSBot 0.36b released

I have released version 0.36b.
CSBot feature list has been frozen. No additional features will be added until the release of the source code.
Bug fixes might still be released in the meantime, depending on their severity.
Also, this is the last release under the name CSBot. From now on this software will be known as the GIRL (Game Information Relay)

Changes in 0.36b:
- Now using the XML service of showmyip.com as the primary method for "guessing
- Changed all WonID handling. Now parsed as string instead of number.
- Several preparations towards OpenSource.
- Added OP, DEOP, VOICE, DEVOICE, ACT and SAY commands, only for trusted persons.
- Completely revised the way the interface from IRC and trusted persons work.
- Fixed two bugs in players list context menu.
- Added some more tags that are replaced in the summoning IRC commands
- Fixed problem with /MODE (and potentially other commands)
- Fixed problem in IRC command history

Posted by Yonatanz 2003-05-11