Gimp 2.8 on Snow Leopard


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    Hi all

    I am yet another person battling to get Gimp 2.8 running on Snow Leopard. I have spent the last 2 hours trawling this forum and others without finding a solution. I understand, and appreciate the work that goes into maintaining open source and free software!

    Here is the history:
    -Downloaded GIMP-2.8.0p1-SnowLeopard-Lion.dmg.
    -I read Important Notes.rtf, where it states: "To run this version of GIMP you need … *   XQuartz version 2.7.1 or higher … Please make sure that you have XQuartz installed."
    -Knowing that X11 was installed and up to date on my mac already, I didn't install XQuartz.
    -Installed Gimp.
    -On first running Gimp, a dialog box comes up, saying "Sorry, but something's missing. GIMP 2.8 needs XQuartz 2.7.1 or higher to run properly."
    -So, clicked the "XQuartz Website" button at the bottom of the dialog box, and downloaded and installed XQuartz 2.7.2. (I only did this because Gimp asked for it…!)
    -Logged out, then back in.

    Gimp ran, but I couldn't move the toolboxes and drawing window around on the screen.

    -Thinking it had something to do with the XQuartz install, I rebooted…

    Gimp didn't run again.

    At this point I started trawling the forums and came across Simone's (yes, I did read LOTS of posts) many instructions not to install XQuartz, so I followed the advice and uninstalled it, as per the XQuartz guys instructions.
    -Reinstalled X11 from Snow Leopard's install disc.
    -Rebooted again
    -Ran Software Update (but it didn't find anything that needed updating).

    So, I'm now running v2.3.6 (xorg-server 1.4.2-apple56), and Gimp is once again presenting a dialog box asking me to install XQuartz.

    I am a developer, I do have su privileges, and I have a reasonable (but not expert) understanding on how the Mac runs.

    Any help or advise is appreciated!


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    P.S. I have re-run to make sure it's in control of $DISPLAY
    P.P.S. I monitored the Database messages in Console and no messages appear before the dialog box is displayed, but the following appear after I click on "Cancel":
    2012/06/04 9:05:18 PM .org.gimp.Gimp 57:488:
    2012/06/04 9:05:18 PM .org.gimp.Gimp execution error: SystemUIServer got an error: User canceled. (-128)

  • GIMP 2.8 needs XQuartz 2.7.1 or higher to run properly. Apple's X11 (2.3.6 on SnowLeopard) has a bug, which crashes GIMP, if you select the curves tool. So I had to link GIMP against XQuartz.

    Sorry, folks, for that. I know, I always told you not to install XQaurtz. But now, XQuartz is the only way to get GIMP 2.8 running on Snow Leopard.

    Some more technical information.

    If you build an application which depends on some third party iibraries, you have to specify those libraries by their full path  name. GIMP depends on some X Window libraries. These libraries are provided by either Apple's X11 or by XQuartz. (In fact both, Apple's X11 and XQuartz are a complete set of the X Window System). Now, Apple's X11 has all of it's binaries and libraries in this path: '/usr/X11'. Whereas XQuartz has a path of '/opt/X11'.

    So, because Apple's X11 on Snow Leopard will crash GIMP, I had to use XQuartz, and therefor I had to specify the path '/opt/X11'.

    So please if you want to run GIMP 2.8 install XQuartz 2.7.1 or higher and make sure that XQuartz is your default X server, this means that XQuartz owns your $DISPLAY variable. (This will be set automatically, if you install XQuartz and log out and log in again). Apple's X11 is _not_ used. If you try to use Apple's X11 to run GIMP 2.8, it will crash.

    if you want to run GIMP 2.6.x, you need to have Apple's X11.

    Sorry folks, there's no other way I can solve this issue and give you a working GMIP 2.8



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    Ok… Since I'm not a power gimp user, I'll go back to Gimp 2.6. Seems to be a safer route than the dreaded XQuartz :)