please include:
- version number (shown on install file on dvd and also in autorun.inf if it's the windows version) for other of my programs, you can find this out by running the program with --version argument.
- description of the problem or what you are trying to do

for general GIMP support, the GIMP mailing lists are the best place to go. this support area is for things related to the installer, installation, uninstallation, how to burn an ISO cd, finding a cd burning program.

if you have problems running the program, submit a ticket.

if you want to add a new Open Source GIMP plugin you have tried that you think is really useful for a lot of people, submit a feature request. or if you want GAP or some other feature, you can add a feature request (though it is top priority on my mind already). GIMP feature requests should go to the GIMP Developer's mailing list. I might be able to submit it. with 50 projects, my plate is kind of full every once in a while.

your cd burning program has a specific "cd image" kind of type for ISOs (as opposed to data disc or audio disc or video dvd). this is what you should be using for GIMPMP ISOs or any ISO for that matter. if you need a cd burning program, try
It requires some configuring and then you must save the settings, but then it's pretty good. you don't need to set anything to burn an ISO. and it won't interfere with your existing cd burning program (unless you are trying to run both art the same time).