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2.3.8 run error

  • lifesaver2000

    I had been running Gimp 2.3.7 with the GTK 2.8.9 on Windows XP SP2. Tonight I saw that 2.3.8 had been posted, along with GTK 2.8.15. I unistalled both GIMP and GTK, to do a clean install.

    After 2.8.15 and GIMP installed, GIMP would not start. I tried to run 2.3.7 with GTK 2.8.15, and that would also not work. I backed down to 2.8.13, but the GIMP 2.3.8 setup said it required 2.8.15, and would not continue installation.

    Finally, I allowed GIMP 2.3.8 to reinstall with GTK 2.8.15, uninstalled 2.8.15 and manually installed 2.8.13, and everything runs fine.

    I realize I might encounter something that does not work right with this slightly older version of GTK, but for now all seems ok. I am posting this in case someone else encounters this problem.

    • lifesaver2000

      I have now upgraded from GTK+ 2.8.13 to 2.8.15 and both GIMP 2.2.11 and 2.3.8 work fine with this version of GTK+, so the problem must have existed in just that one version.

      Also, the .15 version had run fine on another computer of mine, so it must have been a problem for only certain computers (perhaps only mine!).

      Thanks for posting this newest GTK+. I am wondering if GIMP 2.8.9 will be available for Windows? I love many of the new features in the development versions, and find them most useful in my current project, but I encounter a number of bugs in 2.3.8 which, according to Bugzilla, have been fixed in .9.


    • tx3000

      You may have gotten this running hell Even I have this running but you wern't able to do anything with it---there are no crack files to load and using the log to file does nothing the help and the last option do nothing there is nothing to click in either of them, no options to choose anything from nothing---Then in the file you have load crack file, log to file and load pcap file, options but those don't do anything either
      Someone e-mail me at: tx3000gaming@gmail.com answering me this please
      1) There are no crack files in this program at all and there are no links to crack files - so what's the point to this option?
      2)the log to file simply opens up a navigation section to you'r computer --yeah so--big deal what are you supposed to be navigating too --- it needs to be explained why this section is even used for
      3) There are no pcap files---and even if there were no one mentions anything about them on top of that where they would be
      So an overview is this
      You need crack files and or a pcap file and an instruction manual as to why a navigation option and help are options as they are not neccessary to be in there bcause they don't do anything to or for this program

      This is getting annoying having this question consitantly being ignored and untill somone answeres it I will continue asking this

    • lifesaver2000

      That first line should have read "2.8.13 to 2.8.18"