#683 Support for Canon PIXMA MP600

David Sommerseth

Wishing for better support for the Canon PIXMA MP600 / MP600R printer. Right now, I'm using the TurboPrint driver which works fine on a 64bit box with 2GB RAM. But it crashes on more bigger print jobs on smaller boxes. It's been suggested to use the iP4100 driver (iirc), but that driver does only support up to 600dpi prints, no duplex printing and have no special photo-paper support which matches the MP600. For decent photo printing on photo paper, you simply need at least 2400 dpi.

I'm willing to help out testing and tweaking a driver, if someone provides the guidance for doing so.


  • Robert Krawitz
    Robert Krawitz

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  • Hi,

    I feel your pain! Unfortunately, regarding the resolution, it will be some time (maybe one year) before the Canon driver will have resolution similar to what is now capable with the Epson driver. For now, only what I believe is the native resolution of the print head (300dpi, 600dpi, for some modes 1200dpi) will be possible.

    However, the other capabilities, such as duplex, support for selecting various paper types, and more print modes including such intended for photo media, will be supported in the next week. I will make a comment in this thread and on the gimp-print mailing list when the code is committed.
    At the moment, the Canon driver has no links between media types, resolution, and other capabilities such as duplex. The user can select absolutely any combination s/he wishes. Whether the printer will understand that particular combination is likely a problem, and also the user must know or guess what media particular print modes are intended for (I label them generically for now).
    On the other hand, the Windows driver likely offers only a subset of the combinations that the firmware can understand, so the flexibility of choosing more variations than possible with the Windows driver can be seen as a positive thing also. The situation would be improved with more documentation, on the one hand, and a lot more development of the gutenprint Canon driver, on the other. It is a long process, I am afraid.

    Best regards,
    Gernot Hassenpflug

  • For my part, this driver is no longer interesting. I got rid of the printer due to poor Linux support, where even TurboPrint didn't really work too well on big print jobs. So I went for a HP ColorLaser printer with scanner instead. That worked "out-of-the-box", including network scanning.

    Unless there is any work in progress, or other owners of this Canon model ... I wouldn't spend more time on this one.

  • Thanks for the feedback. On the MP600 most photo modes are unsupported still (inks unknown), but non-photo media printing should be fine, and functionality such as inkset selection and duplex also.
    Photo-printing still has a long way to go, unfortunately.