Support for Canon Selphy CP780?

  • I need a linux driver for the CP780 printer.

  • If you are still here:
    Please note that support for the Selphy series is now underway.
    We would apreciate very much if you would send us the USB PID.
    If you use linux, use "lsusb" to see the USB ID number.

  • Good news! We are using an old cp520 driver for now with our cp780 printer.
    lsusb gave the printer ID as 04a9:31dd Canon, Inc.

    Please let me know progress.

  • Thank you for the information.
    Please follow the gutenprint mailing list as well, as updates on the SELPHY series are posted there.
    This week a patch to gutenprint was applied, and there will be more in the next week.
    It is currently only possible to send jobs to the printers directly via the intelligent spooler, not via CUPS.
    The integration of the spooler and CUPS is proceeding, but there are many small development issues: primarily getting the readback codes from the various models of printers. This requires the developers to buys the printers or ask users to test.
    It seems we already have a CP780 though, so please just watch the mailing list for updates.
    Many thanks,
    Gernot Hassenpflug