Canon Selphy CP-720 support

  • Matthew Harker
    Matthew Harker

    Hi, my sister recently got a Canon Selphy CP-720 (Standalone photo printer) for her camera, and whilst it is standalone, hooking it up to the computer would be nice. However as of present there is no driver for it (Or at least, in Gutenprint 5.0. If it's in CVS then apologies :D)

    Is there any other driver that I could use with this to make it work? I've tried the CP-710, CP-600 and CP-510 drivers also. The 710 doesn't actually appear to do ANYTHING with the printer. The 600 and 510 drivers get the paper to load, but then doesn't do anything else.

    Any tips or advice you could give would be most appreciated.

    Matt Harker.

    • Florian Demski
      Florian Demski

      Hi there,

      I tried that on my own. There seem to be some problems in the USB stack of either the device or the usblp kernel drivers (I experience the same problems when trying to scan from a yet unsupported scanner).

      The data format is exactly the same as from the other SELPHY models. I even tried to cat the 'print to file' output from a win machine to /dev/usb/lpX, but the printer got stuck at the same point.

      I would be glad if anyone had some ideas how to debug those usb problems. Unfortunately the usb_snoop function does not help here.



      • It seems it's exactly the same with the CP-740.

        Has anyone made any progress ?



    • Jeremy Coates
      Jeremy Coates

      Same goes for CP730 model - CP710 driver gets it to load paper but then does nothing else.

      Any ideas?

  • If you are still here:
    Please note that support for the Selphy series is now underway.
    We would apreciate very much if you would send us the USB PID.
    If you use linux, use "lsusb" to see the USB ID number.

  • subgenere


    Canon SELPHY CP720:

      ID del producto: 0x3143
      ID del fabricante: 0x04a9  (Canon Inc.)
      Versión: 0.01

    Thanks for your great work!