LaserJet 6P prints OK 1st job, then KO...

  • suavito

    Six years later … and the same printing problem.

    It seems that the 'printing job done' message from the Laserjet gives the OS X spooler (?) a hiccup.

    It was exactly like this under OS Tiger, but when I switched to Leopard (10.5.0) all of a sudden printing was perfect!

    Somewhen around 10.5.2 printing switched back to pre-Leopard – again only the first job was done, the rest never reached beyond 16% of the document according to the printer monitor.

    But under Tiger at least a reset of the printer plus toggling the OS printer sharing somehow reset everything and printing could go on. Not now. Re-starting the Mac is the only thing that works.

    Anybody an idea what might have been changed to make printing go bad again – and how to change it back?

    • mbroughtn

      Are you using a parallel to USB adapter as the others in this topic?  If so, what you are experiencing is some sort of communications error between your computer and printer.  While there has generally been good success with such adapters, some adapters work better than others.

      Apple seems to be constantly changing the USB input/output (I/O) code.  Generally this is for the better.  My guess is that is what happened in  your case.  One version of Leopard had just the right USB input/output code to match your adapter and printer.  The next update "broke" things for you.

      You could try the alternative communications software 'usbtb'.  It is available from the Gutenprnt download page at "".  Often times, this software works better with parallel to USB adapters.


  • Mike Anastasi
    Mike Anastasi

    I am also having a problem with my HP Laserjet 6P. Having downloaded CUPS + Gutenprint v5.29 my printer prints only one document. Its connected to my new imac 10.8.2 and I've struggling to try to remedy this problem.
    Do have the solution, and if so I would be extremely grateful for the info.