Status of Canon MP980 support + help proposal

  • Melvin Hadasht
    Melvin Hadasht


    Internet ressources seems to indicate that the only current option to print on MP980 with Linux is turboprint driver. I would like to support (with work, not money) open source driver.

    Is there someone from the gutenprint devel team working on MP980?
    I'm willing to buy the printer, and would happy to help developing the driver. But before, I would like to know the following:
    - what would be the expected and/or possible difficulties to develop such a driver?
    - what are the kind of tasks necessary to develop the driver?

    I'm a quite experienced C/C++ developer. But I have only a Linux box (with a qemu-virtual Windows XP). And as long as the communication protocol of the printer is not encryped, I would tend to think that developing the driver is a matter of understanding the communication protocol.



  • Hi, the MP980 is supported very experimentally in 5.2.7, and more fully in CVS version of gutenprint which will become 5.2.8 when released. Some modes use a grey logical ink which is currently not supported in gutenprint, but remaining modes should be fully functional.

    Gernot Hassenpflug

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