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    I would like to print the same features multiple times with the same ink, i.e. print a word, then print over it again, just as before.

    This strikes me as a feature very few people would want so I assume I'm going to need to get into the code a bit to do it.  How best to go about it?  I'll be printing with the following settings: Raw,  Drop size Segmented, Four Color Standard at a resolution that corresponds to the DPI of the printer (that is to get 1:1 correlation of drops to pixels). Since I'm already generating fairly low level files perhaps I could jump to coding "printer ready" output?

    I can imagine a workaround using the four channels available and printing with each one at every location but I'd like to get more repetitions if possible.

    Thanks for your consideration.

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    MAPI Digital

    you solved?
    I too am interested to do this.
    have news?