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MacClipboard 0.7 released

This version fixes a bug which made 'undo' fail to work in an image created via Acquire > From Clipboard.

Additionally, it adds support for loading .pict images from files, though this has not been thoroughly tested.

Source and binary package:

Posted by Brion Vibber 2004-12-01

MacClipboard 0.5 released

The MacClipboard plugin provides copy and paste of images between Gimp 2.x and native Mac OS X applications, plus screen capture and scanning via standard services.

Version 0.5 fixes pasting of transparent images from Photoshop and icons from Finder, as well as a problem where the clipboard got stuck if something had been copied onto the X11 clipboard prior.

Source & binary: read more

Posted by Brion Vibber 2004-07-24

MacClipboard 0.4 "At Your Service"

The MacClipboard plugin now provides access to the Grab and Image Capture services for screen capture and scanning (under the 'Acquire' menu on the toolbox) in addition to boring old cut and paste between Gimp and native Mac applications.

Source & binary:

Release notes: read more

Posted by Brion Vibber 2004-07-05

MacClipboard 0.3 "Dorian Gray" release

MacClipboard is a Gimp plugin to support cut and paste of images with native Mac OS X applications.

Version 0.3 adds support for pasting into grayscale images as well as improved handling of pictures copied from Carbon apps like Photoshop and GraphicConverter. Images can also now be extracted from rich text copied from TextEdit.

Source & binary: read more

Posted by Brion Vibber 2004-07-03

MacClipboard 0.2 "Low Carb" release

Just half the carbs of v0.1!

Copying has been rewritten from Carbon to Cocoa, allowing transparent images to be copied from Gimp into Cocoa apps while retaining Classic/Carbon compatibility.

Alpha de-premultiplication has been added to the paste code to improve accuracy when pasting transparent images into Gimp.

Source & binary: read more

Posted by Brion Vibber 2004-07-01