#2 Use gif from memory + cpp wrapper

Loďc Ploumen

It would be great if the new version could contains
these features :

  • Load a gif from raw data in memory, instead of a file
    and dump data to a file when needed. This is usefull
    for slow systems where disk read/write slow down even
    more the system.

  • A c++ wrapper could be intereting too, giving user to
    create gif from a file/memory/create a blank gif ,
    accesing pixels value by overloading
    operator()(int,int) for example...


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    Gif from data to memory interface is now on the list for

    C++ Wrapper is going to get a more tentative. Not sure how
    much work it's going to be. And I haven't yet determined
    where the interface is going to go. The libungif4
    interface is basically the same as Gershon first created for
    DOS. I need to look at libpng and other graphics libraries
    to determine if there's a different way of coding the
    interface that would be easier to use and reveal more
    features about the library.

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    how does what you want differ from the functionality
    provided by EGifSpew? It seems you could allocate a
    GifFileType object and fill it with your data. Then
    EGifSpew it back out....

  • abadger is right, EGifSpew() already supplies most of this. Likely the submitter figured this out, as the FR hasn't been updated in 8 years. Closing it.