32Bit Errors (Command Line, Windows)

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  • When i try to run this through the commandline or a .bat file, i get an error saying that it is not a recongized program (etc etc), and if i change it to a .exe, it gives me an error that it cannot run due to 64Bit OS and 32Bit Binary?

    Please Help :(

  • Max Stepin
    Max Stepin

    Make sure it's downloaded correctly.  Maybe download it again.

    You should have gif2apng-1.7-bin-win32.zip which is 44560 bytes.

    Unzip it, and you will have gif2apng.exe which is 86016 bytes.

  • Weird, it works now (I re-downloaded it, but the original file sizes were the same as you said…. :?)