#1 Want input alternative of file containing lists of data file

Clem Wang

I think it would be nice if as an alternative, one could pass a file that contained a list of filenames containing the data input. People's data might already be in the form of one file per input. That way, they wouldn't have to massage their data. Plus, they wouldn't have to count the number of inputs either.

It shouldn't be too hard, so I'm tempted to do this myself.


  • Clem Wang
    Clem Wang

    Upon further reflection...

    I would like to see the code re-architected so that there's a separate central code core to be a separate set of stand-alone files so that somebody could just stuff data directly into data structures and extract data out of data structures; and a separate I/O portion that reads input data and then writes output data.

    The point of that is a production oriented users could embed the core part directly into the application they are interested while a person researching/experimenting with LDA could do so through a CLI. Again, I'd be tempted to do this myself.