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AFPL Ghostscript 8.52 Release

This is the third stable release in the 8.5x series of Ghostscript.
It contains numerous bug fixes and improvements, particularly in the
area DeviceN (spot color) handling and the PDF interpreter.

The pdfwrite device can now create PDF/X-3 compliant documents
using the lib/PDFX_def.ps prefix approach. See doc/Ps2pdf.htm documentation.

Also new is a Beta version level 2 Postscript output device, ps2write,
which generates high-level PostScript including text and images and
graphics. We encourage its use instead of the older pswrite when Level 2
PostScript is desired. Please send any comments or problem reports to
or submit it to http://bugs.ghostscript.com.

Posted by Raymond J. Johnston 2005-10-08