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AFPL Ghostscript 6.60 developer release

The Ghostscript 6.60 developer release was made at the stroke of the new
year, but due to communications snafus and SourceForge problems,
hasn't been released until now. This release is on a separate branch
from the 6.50 stable release. The main changes are PDF writer updates.

L. Peter Deutsch retired from active Ghostscript development work
at the same time that the 6.60 release was made. It is thus something
of a historical landmark in Ghostscript development.

For the freshest Ghostscript development meat, try CVS rather than
a packaged tarball. The current CVS contains a very early cut at PDF
1.4 transparency, as well as a number of other fixes. The especially
curious can also try out the HINTER branch, which contains Igor
Melichev's new Type 1 font hinter. We'll put together a 6.61 release
reasonably soon with these updates.

The 6.60 release is available for download at:



Posted by Raph Levien 2001-02-03