Licensing Question GPL Ghostscript

  • Morpheus101

    I would like to know following from a reliable source.
    I have searched in several Newsgroups but I found only personal opinions and nothing formal.

    I have a Postscript File and would like to convert this to PDF using Ghostscript.

    Now I have 2 Possibilities :

    1) Write a simple EXE which starts GhostScript with the parameters required in order to convert to PDF.

    2) Write a simple EXE using the GhostScript API

    Must both EXE be licensed under the GPL? Or just the second one, because GhostScript has been linked?

    Is there a possibility to include GhostScript within a Setup of commercial "closed Source" Software? Or do I have to put a separate GhostScript-Setup on the CD?

    I would like to create my own personal PDF-Printer for some personal reasons, although you can find a lot of Printers here in sourceforge.

    It would be no problem to license this Printer(Driver) under the GPL. But I would like to put it in ONE Setup with commercial closed-source Software.

    Would this be legal?

    Do I have to create a separate SourceForge-Project for my own Printer-(Driver) or is it enough to provide the SourceCode if someone is asking for?

    It would be very helfpul is someone could tell me the truth, cause I heard several totally different opinons before.

    (on told me the EXE in 1. can be closed, another one told me it must be GPL etc.)

    Bst Rgds,

    Jens Duczmal

  • Ralph Giles
    Ralph Giles

    You can use GPL Ghostscript in a commercial product as long as your release the source code for your product under the GPL. If you don't want to do that, you need a separate license.

    Please see for more information.