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#3 Installation is not fully working in a VirtualBox VM

System Bug
Eric Turgeon
Eric Turgeon

Which GhostBSD Release You Are Using: 3.0 amd64 Gnome

Environment (output of "uname -a" on the problem machine):

Full Description of the problem:
I wanted to test GhostBSD in a VirtualBox (4.2.8) VM. I grabbed Gnome 64 bits ISO of GhostBSD 3.0.

Installation went well, using all defaults settings, telling the installer to add bsd bootloader. Files were copied, and then, I got an installation error.

I reported problem on the forum :

Installation log is in the post.

My VM had : 2 Gb of Ram, 128 Gb of HDD.

How to reproduce the problem:
Just try to install gnome amd64 version in virtualbox, using FreeBSD 64 bits VM template, 2 Gb of ram and 128 Gb of HDD.

Installation using all defaults, adding bsd bootloader, and configuring options to get a french system.