Commit Date  
[r660] by pekberg

Add property sheet and property page widgets.

2013-06-29 07:21:24 Tree
[r659] by pekberg

Sync with libtool 2.4.2

2013-06-28 07:21:17 Tree
[r658] by pekberg

Sync with automake 1.14

2013-06-28 07:13:33 Tree
[r657] by pekberg

Fix spelling and whitespace issues.

2013-06-28 05:37:32 Tree
[r656] by ggibecka

Fix cut/copy/paste error in include guard.

2013-06-17 07:37:32 Tree
[r655] by pekberg

Use AM_CPPFLAGS in favour of the deprecated INCLUDES

2013-05-15 00:27:40 Tree
[r654] by pekberg

Inform Automake about the m4 location, so that aclocal finds our macros.

2013-05-14 21:53:12 Tree
[r653] by ggibecka

Add drive selection for windows in the dirselector

2012-07-18 20:38:49 Tree
[r652] by ggibecka

Correct size for malloc

2012-07-12 19:30:21 Tree
[r651] by ggibecka

Init draw geometry to silence valgrind

2012-07-12 19:29:51 Tree
[r650] by ggibecka

Send events only to the active child, avoid triggering of e.g. hotkeys
in inactive tabs

2012-07-12 18:33:44 Tree
[r649] by ggibecka

Fix some valgrind uninitialized variable condition warnings.

2012-07-10 06:59:16 Tree
[r648] by ggibecka

Allow to set position by just setting the statevar.

2012-06-26 21:43:05 Tree
[r647] by ggibecka

Add a fake ".." entry, if the directory is unreadable (due to permissions)
so that you can navigate out again

2012-06-13 06:59:03 Tree
[r646] by ggibecka

Make the selection of an initial path really work.
Should we also scroll to it?

2012-05-30 23:49:25 Tree
[r645] by ggibecka

Adding manpages for the focus access functions

2012-04-17 20:40:50 Tree
[r644] by ggibecka

First stab at providing manpages for LibGGIWidget.

2012-03-31 13:37:07 Tree
[r643] by pekberg

Add ggiWidgetLinkChildV and ggiWidgetUnlinkChildV and avoid abuse of
varargs implementation details.

2011-09-26 21:50:10 Tree
[r642] by pekberg

Add AM_PROG_CC_C_O to support borked compilers such as MSVC.

2011-09-20 19:24:12 Tree
[r641] by pekberg

Don't allow GWT_WF_ALLOW_LEAVE_WS windows to move as far above the workspace.
Require the title text to be below the workspace so that there is more to
aim for when moving the window the next time.

2011-09-20 19:23:06 Tree
[r640] by pekberg

Constify ggiWidgetCreateColoredPatch.

2011-09-20 19:20:29 Tree
[r639] by pekberg

Export ggiWidgetLinkIntChild and ggiWidgetUnlinkIntChild properly.

2011-09-20 19:19:32 Tree
[r638] by pekberg

Make the odometer steps selectable
with the new controls SETBIGSTEP and SETSMALLSTEP.

2011-09-20 19:18:33 Tree
[r637] by ggibecka

Fix crash when a delayed removal is the last widget attached.
Also fixes detaching multiple delayed removals in a row.

2011-06-21 19:04:27 Tree
[r636] by pekberg

Remove spurious ]

2011-05-20 13:43:17 Tree
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