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Adding weatherspect

Adding weatherspect to the overlay:

Posted by 2007-02-09

Adding Term::Animation

Posted by 2007-02-09

Adding weather::underground

Posted by 2007-02-09

adding ~amd64 to puf

Adding ~amd64 to puf, thanks to cybertinus for testing :)

Posted by 2007-02-09

added puf 1.0.0

I committed a new ebuild to the overlay for puf (parallel url fetcher), because the version in portage is outdated, and there are a lot of new features added in 1.0.0

Posted by 2007-02-04

added flare 0.6

I just commited an ebuild for flare 0.6 to the overlay. Flare is a flash decompiler. (unfortunately closed source :( )

Posted by 2007-02-04

added ~sparc to (un)zsplit and lrzip

I just added ~sparc to (un)zsplit and lrzip.

Posted by 2007-02-04

kde-lite added

I just committed a new ebuild to the overlay for kde-lite, which is a meta-ebuild, which pulls in some basic split-ebuild packages for a fully functional KDE-desktop which does not have all the extra packages that you don't use anyway.

Feedback is more than welcome, as I could add or remove packages.

Posted by Ben de Groot 2007-02-04

weatherget, added ~sparc64

added the ~sparc64 keyword.

Posted by Boudewijn Ector 2007-02-03

www-apps/radiant ebuild added

Radiant is a nice, light and flexible CMS built on Ruby-on-Rails.

Posted by Ben de Groot 2007-02-03

fvwm cvs ebuild added

We have imported the ebuild and patches from
We thought that would be a fitting addition to our overlay.

Posted by Ben de Groot 2007-01-31

azureus-9999 patched

Posted by Boudewijn Ector 2007-01-30

GFN BugDay

We decided it would be a good idea to dedicate a day each month to hunting and fixing bugs and honouring feature requests, in order to keep the backlog down. We will also decide on that day which feature requests are unlikely to be honoured, and will therefore be closed as WONTFIX.

We have proposed to hold a BugDay every first Sunday of the month, so the first one will be on February 4th. Users of our overlay are urged to submit or confirm bugs and requests, and help out with patches or ebuilds if they can. We will open a dedicated IRC channel on that day to facilitate better communication.

Posted by Ben de Groot 2007-01-29


Just committed it, and closed the feature request.
It's a it different than gimp, but I wouldn't call it photoshop.


Posted by Boudewijn Ector 2007-01-29

K3D 0.6.7

Just submitted it.
Anyone's testing?

Posted by Boudewijn Ector 2007-01-28

Openradius-0.12b submitted

The openradius ebuild is right now in the overlay.
Category: net-dialup

Enjoy folks!

Posted by Boudewijn Ector 2007-01-28

Working MPlayer subversion ebuild

The overlay now contains media-video/mplayer-9999-r13, which is a finally working ebuild for the live subversion code from the MPlayer devs! I had to disable a couple of options which don't compile cleanly and fixed a few other problems.

Posted by Ben de Groot 2007-01-26

Update to media-video/mplayer-9999

An updated ebuild voor MPlayer subversion is now available in the overlay. It does not compile cleanly, so it is -* keyworded now.

Posted by Ben de Groot 2007-01-26

Lossless2lossy-1.21 posted


Yesterday we've created a working ebuild for lossless2lossy-1.21

Great script to convert your entire music collection from one format to another!

Posted by Boudewijn Ector 2007-01-26

Update to kde-base/nsplugins32-3.5.6

The ebuild for nsplugins32 (to make 32-bits netscape-compatible plugins work in Konqueror on AMD64) has been updated to work with kde-3.5.6.

Posted by Ben de Groot 2007-01-26