Gfarm 2.0.0 released

We are very pleased to announce the first public release of Gfarm file
system version 2.0.0, aka Gfarm v2, which is a major new release of
the Gfarm file system. It solves several security issues in Gfarm v1,
and improves performance for small files.

To mount the Gfarm file system, gfarm2fs is also required to be
installed. Since it is a major new release, there is no compatibility
in structure of a spool directory on each file system node. Easiest
way to migrate files from a Gfarm v1 file system is

1. Install Gfarm v2 to a different target directory, and configure a
Gfarm v2 file system using a different spool directory and
different ports from Gfarm v1.

2. Mount Gfarm v1 file system and Gfarm v2 file system by gfarmfs and
gfarm2fs, respectively, on different mount points.

3. Copy files possibly in parallel using multiple clients.


Posted by Osamu Tatebe 2007-11-28