Thanks For The Latest Updates!

  • Doug Mitton
    Doug Mitton

    I just want to report that the latest update has resolved all the issues that I've been having.  I only had the latest problem on one of my accounts.

    It appears there are several "levels" of HotMail/LiveMail accounts:
    - Paid for accounts
    - Hosted accounts from other ISP's (basically paid for)
    - Old free accounts that have been grand-fathered in to more features
    - New free accounts that have very limited features.

    I was having problems on the "new free" variety for about 2 weeks now.

    I just started getting the latest problem on Thur or Fri on all my free accounts.

    This 1.48 update resolved all the issues.  Also, I used the "Mode = 200810" directive for all my free accounts.

    Thanks again for keeping this utility working.  Previous "hot mail" versions have been dropped in the past due to the regular support requirements.

    • Jos De Laender
      Jos De Laender


      Thanks for reporting back.

      I suspect though that you might have to move gradually to Mode=200902. Here at my site the one after the other account needs this move.
      Anyway, if something starts failing, it should be your first try. (after having checked that there's no additional welcome page anymore).