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GIT 0.8.1 (bugfix release)

In response to the recent incompatibilities with iTunes 5.0 and 6.0, we have released a bugfix GIT release, which fixes these minor compatibility issues.

Also, the latest release of iTunes/Quicktime has disabled the Quicktime for Java API on Windows machines, so the "Quicktime" player option will be unavailable in GIT until Apple fixes this problem.

Posted by Andrew Berman 2005-10-17

Get It Together 0.8.0 released!

Get It Together version 0.8.0 has just been released. This release represents a *major* overhaul, including the now fully-fledged integration of DAAP server code, making it one of the most fully-featured multi-platform media players out there. Enjoy!

Posted by Andrew Berman 2005-06-20

OSX / Linux Compatibility

Many thanks to Beat Birkhofer for fixing the shell script. He confirmed that it's working under Mac OSX.

Is there anyone out there running Linux who can try out the new script included with 0.5.0? If so, please let me know if it works or not! Thanks,


Posted by Andrew Berman 2005-01-09

Get It Together 0.5.0 Released

Get It Together: the -other- java daap client. Now in version 0.5.0. This is a medium-ish update, with a ton of small bug fixes, improved stability, and a few added features here and there. Enjoy!

Posted by Andrew Berman 2005-01-08

Get It Together 0.4.0 Released

Get It Together 0.4.0 has been released. This release is a major rewrite; many features were added, including a unique JTree-based layout, viewing of shared playlists, and more stable client-side daap code.

Stay tuned for the next release of GIT, when the addition of a daap server will greatly increase the functionality and usability of the program.

Posted by Andrew Berman 2004-09-09

Get It Together: next major release under development

The two lead developers of Get It Together, a burgeoning Java daap client/player/server (think iTunes, but open-source and cross-platform), are currently making great progress on a complete overhaul of the program's code for the next release. This work has included cleaning up the original components (networking, mp3 playing, and GUI) and adding several new features and improvements.

Get It Together is unique among the many forks of One2OhMyGod ( in that it makes use of completely customized Swing components to deliver what open source programs often lack: an ease of use surpassing that of most commercial software. For a preliminary look at the new interface (still under heavy development; suggestions welcome) see The version 0.4 release of GIT is finally coming into view, so stay tuned-- this one will be big.... read more

Posted by Andrew Berman 2004-08-22