Get It Together: next major release under development

The two lead developers of Get It Together, a burgeoning Java daap client/player/server (think iTunes, but open-source and cross-platform), are currently making great progress on a complete overhaul of the program's code for the next release. This work has included cleaning up the original components (networking, mp3 playing, and GUI) and adding several new features and improvements.

Get It Together is unique among the many forks of One2OhMyGod ( in that it makes use of completely customized Swing components to deliver what open source programs often lack: an ease of use surpassing that of most commercial software. For a preliminary look at the new interface (still under heavy development; suggestions welcome) see The version 0.4 release of GIT is finally coming into view, so stay tuned-- this one will be big.

Some of the features of the already-released GIT 0.2 include:
-- Viewing songs from multiple iTunes shares in a single, sorted Browser
-- Downloading / backing up songs to the local hard drive
-- Song search that filters as you type
-- Streaming songs from iTunes shares with a built-in player
-- Intuitive 2-in-1 progress bar and seek control

Planned for the 0.4 release are these new features:
-- Rendezvous Daap Server: Easily share your music over your local network!
-- Playlist support: See other people's playlists, and create and save your own-- even make a playlist with streamed music on it
-- Tree-based structure for intuitive navigation
-- AAC support with a new QUicktime for Java player (the user can choose between using Quicktime, the open-source Java mp3 player, or an external player)
-- Code portability: with the rewrite, most of the daap and player code will be completely modularized, making use of event listeners, so the code can be used for other projects quite easily.

Posted by Andrew Berman 2004-08-22