#4 RFE: Ability to Rip Audio CD's


I know 3 types of itunes users, the first, that use
itunes mainly for the itunes store (they buy music from
apple and use itunes to play that music), also, they
rip the cd's they do have onto their computer, and play
them with itunes; the second, that use itunes primarily
because they have an ipod, they usually rip a huge
collection of cd's to their computer and then store
them on their ipod; and the third, usually college
students in dorms or some other LAN setting where there
are lots of itunes users sharing music, these people
just want to download music off of other people.

Get It Together does not seek to help the third group,
as there are already programs to help them (mytunes
redux most notably). So, in the two legitimate uses of
itunes, and the two that GIT seeks to serve, ripping
cd's is a requirement. So I feel that the lack of the
ability to do this is a gaping hole in GIT and the
other DAAP clients.


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    I agree that the ability to rip music from CD would be a
    great addition to GIT, though I see no problem with ripping
    music off other people's libraries (but then again, I "need
    a life" according to GIT). I personally prefer GIT to
    Mytunes because it seems to me that Mytunes was just thrown
    together whereas GIT had some thought put into it.

    However, there is a reason why GIT cannot rip from CD.
    Simply put, it is not supported in either the standard Java
    sound library or QTJava.

    If anyone has found a way to rip from CD in Java, please let
    me know and I'll get on it!