IP Utilization Report

  • Ryan


    I'd like to request an additional reporting feature. Currently it is possible to generate a report based on network usage, but it is rather limited. We periodically need to report how full all of our networks are, but only at the top level. What would be perfect is if the main "Show Networks" page could have a column to display the percentage utilized. This would allow me to filter the page to only show root networks, and then sort on one of my custom columns to quickly get the data that I need. However, I realize that would probably be a rather large undertaking so just a little help in extracting this data would be great.

    I have very limited SQL and Perl skills, so I am struggling to determine how you are gathering the network utilization statistics for display. If you could help me out with a SQL query that would print a list of root networks and the utilization I can probably tweak it to display just the objects that I need and can build my own custom report from it. Would that be possible?

    Thank you!

  • Marc Uebel
    Marc Uebel

    Hi Ryan
    To integrate a usage column within the "show networks" page is in the moment not possible.
    But may be we can add an extra feature to the statistic page which will fit your requirements.
    What do you mean with "utilization of rootnetworks"?. As the rootnets do only contain networks and no hosts they do not have an utilization.

    I furthermore could create an export function (e.g. CSV) for the report. But as this means pretty much work I would expect some kind of donation for this.

    Last edit: Marc Uebel 2013-10-17