Subnet or Range Option for Actualization Scripts

  • Hello,

    First of all thanks for the great tool. We just implemented GestioIP for our network and are still testing things out. I thought it would be nice to have a subnet feature added to the actualization scripts for DNS and SNMP scans. Right now if I run the scripts they will scan every root subnet with sync enabled. I like using this feature in the web interface (selecting a specific subnet and then syncing DNS or SNMP). Having this in the actualization scripts would help test SNMP and DNS syncing on a single large subnet that is not possible to sync via the web interface for example. This would also make it possible to sync different subnets at different times via cron.

    Ranges would also be cool to have for testing actualization. Either a single IP, comma separated list of IPs, or a range of IPs.

    So far we are very impressed with GestioIP. We tried some other IPAM options and there was no comparison.

    ~ D

  • Marc Uebel
    Marc Uebel

    Hi Darren
    Thanks a lot for your suggestion and sorry for not responding before.
    This feature will be included within the next patch.

  • Hello Marc,

    Thank you for accepting this feature request. I look forward to the next patch.

    ~ Darren